The 30-minute Channeling of Isis, by Pamela Kribbe, Luxor, Egypt 19th April 2018


What is your relationship with your true being?

Would you like a more balanced and harmonious heart chakra?

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 Isis Channeling by Pamela Kribbe, Luxor 19th April ends with this:

"You are creators of heart-based consciousness on Earth. There are angels, cosmic beings, other levels of reality trying to inspire you and assists you. But however, you are the ones doing this, by being here as a human being. I salute you and hold you in my arms. Thank you for being here on Earth."



"Getting started can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all! Clear old programs and limiting beliefs. Impress your subconscious with new more beneficial beliefs and programs and move on." Lian Henriksen, The Silver Crone, Copenhagen, Denmark 


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Quote from Isis Channeling

Quote from Isis Channeling

Quote from Isis Channeling

"And whenever you connect with the energy of joy, you will see things from another perspective and you will be less attached to the extremes of this reality, because in a way, the solutions to all your problems or issues is not in this reality but outside of it. You already have a high awareness inside of you, but you are here to bring it down, to connect with the lower energies of fear, resistance and pain. Connect (the energies) within yourself and outside yourself, and to transform and out of the connection will arise the energies of love. You can call it compassion but I really mean LOVE, like you feel it in a very personal way, for someone you love, your partner, family and friends, this very personal sense of love. It opens the heart and it will expand your consciousness. It is something you are meant to create here."