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The 3 Steps Moving Energitically from Fear to Health, Financial  Wellbeing, Inner Peace and Harmony 

8pm AEST, 11h CET    ∙    THURSDAY, MAY 28TH 








Lao Tzu

The Most Important Relationship is with yourself

  • Know yourself, first your rational mind and how it limits you
  • Then know your subconscious mind and how that keeps you in scarcity
  • Heal your money wounds 
  • Re-learn Receiving Abundance
  • You want to build a business that matters, not just make a buck.
  • You want to serve your customers and make a massive impact.

This is not conventional business wisdom

Learn a new way of knowing and mastering yourself 

Learn a way of keeping your vibration high

 A way that's rooted in:

  •  Self-examination
  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-Mastery
  • Self-determination
  • Self-Love & Acceptance

All with the help of your very own internal bio-computer, to avoid lying to yourself

This is what I would like to guide you with: Build this inner space, this huge well of tranquility that cannot be disrupted when you go out into the world is mission critical. To be so strong in your own skin, so strong in your own luminosity, so strong in your relation with you you truly are, that nothing in the outer world can aggravate you and diminish your energy and make you feel not enough. Nobody, just nobody can insult you without your permission. 

These are what some of my clients have to say after listening to our master classes:

"I feel a surge of energy" .... Reanna Heng 

" I’ve loved listening to her SRTs, her voice is so calming, it relaxes every cell in my body and allows me to easily connect with her words" .....Lorraine Moore 

"Lian is guiding you from a place of resonant calm that puts you at ease and allows you to delve deep into your programming" ...... Shelly Best





Join this online master class to learn:

Your #1 Hidden Danger

It's subtle, but it's sabotaging your peace and stealing your joy and you have no idea.

The REAL BLOCKS Holding You Back

You know this deep down, but it's been neglected and forgotten. It's time to bring it back.

The Final Step-The Fillers

There's one crucial step in goal-setting that most people completely ignore.

Lian Henriksen
The Silver Crone from Denmark

In 18 years, I went from personal and business bankruptcy to NOW, enjoying well-being in all aspects of my life including the financial, thanks to many different healing modules and I bow humbly to the latest I met, THE SUBSCONSCIOUS RELEASE TECHNIQUE. It is simple effective, solution focused and pragmatic.

In this master class, I, with Shelly Best's help reveal key steps that helped you overcome despair and depression to build a life of deep fulfillment and success.


Don't spend another day struggling and in frustration with how little your business is bringing in. Register now and learn how to train your subconscious to be your faithful servant  Relearn how to receive abundance by coming into this Magical Space within yourself

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